Warranty & Support for Audio Visual Installations

One-year warranty on audio visual installations

We are confident in the quality of our audio video installations, so we provide our clients with a one year warranty for any deficiencies which may arise in the installated system. Additional service and support contracts are available for subsequent years.

Ongoing support and service for audio visual systems and equipment

In working with Applied Electronics, you are partnering with a company that can service the audio visual systems and equipment that we sell, in your local area by factory trained experts.

The most effective ways to ensure speedy and reliable service are:

  • Establish your support agreement with Applied Electronics before your project is completed.
  • Designate one, possibly two designated representatives from your team as the primary points of contact with clearly defined responsibilities.
  • Ensure that you have an internal process for expediting approval for service work.
  • Institute clear accounting processes, methodologies, and other procedures as required minimizing complications and expediting the required service.
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