Cool Tools for Audio Visual and Broadcasting

Applied Electronics is always up to date on the latest technology for audio visual and broadcasting, and we’re happy to share these cool tools with our clients and visitors.

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Middle Atlantic's Configurator

Middle Atlantic's Configurator

Simplify your design process by using this web-based configuration tool, which allows you to quickly and efficiently select the right products and accessories for any system.
Large Format LCD Display Selector Tool

Large Format LCD Display Selector Tool

This free, online tool helps users find the right commercial LCD display for their application.
Planar's Clarity Matrix Video Wall Calculator

Planar's Clarity Matrix Video Wall Calculator

A free, online tool that simplifies the video wall selection process by simulating for users what their Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall will look like even before they make the purchase.
AMX's Bandwidth Calculator

AMX's Bandwidth Calculator

To support accurate calculations required for today's highest quality video systems, AutoPatch provides the more complete +/-3dB specification.
Virtual NTI Minirator MR1 Signal Generator

Virtual NTI Minirator MR1 Signal Generator

NTI offers the Audio Signal Generator MR1, as a “virtual” version. With it, you are able to generate test signals needed for many audio measurements in a way every student can follow.


PuTTY, a SSH and telnet client, can act as a terminal for a serial connection or a TCP/IP or Telnet session.
Draper Custom Screen Size Calculator

Draper Custom Screen Size Calculator

Calculate virtually any size up to the maximum shown for any given Draper screen model available.


MediaInfo is backed by Digimetrics and is able to give you a ton of information for media files and is essential for anyone using a file based workflow.

Download MediaInfo

  • MediaInfo is backed by Digimetrics and is able to give you a ton of information for media files and is essential for anyone using a file based workflow.

Galaxy Raid Tool

  • This website app is good for measuring useable storage in a RAID storage

Download VLC Player

  • A free media player that allows you to quickly look at most media types from your desktop.

Download the AJA Data Calulator App

  • From AJA Video Systems: This application calculates data rates and storage requirements for a given video size, format, and frame rate. It's great as a resource for configuring systems and determining storage requirements.

  • Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions.

QR Code Generator

  • Create QR Codes with our QR Code Generator for URLs, Tweets, foursquare Check-ins, iPhone App Store Downloads, Android Market Downloads, Google Analytics Campaigns, Coremetrics Campaigns, Audio and more. Download a QR Code in PNG, JPG, EPS, or SVG formats.

Amberfin’s Bruce Shorts

  • Bruce’s Shorts is a series of short videos and exclusive webinars where AmberFin CTO Bruce Devlin, co-author of the MXF format, will help you solve your workflow problems.

Polycom Mobile App

  • Polycom RealPresence Mobile is for business professionals who want to extend their enterprise video collaboration capabilities beyond the office and conference room to their mobile devices. RealPresence Mobile is an easy-to-use video app that provides premium quality audio, video and content sharing. Cloud-based deployment gives users access to enterprise directories at the swipe-of-a finger. Users simply highlight a name, connect, then communicate.

WELS Design Software

  • WELS is a Winsted-exclusive console software tool that makes control room design and layout fast, easy, accurate, and fun! This interactive, user-friendly, 3D software program lets you use Winsted components to quickly design control room systems that meet your needs. WELS is easy to use - and requires no additional design/CAD software to operate.

Cable Distance Sheet

  • Recommended maximum cable distances for broadcast/network cable.
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