Newfoundland and Labrador - House of Assembly

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Applied Electronics designed and integrated the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly TV Broadcast System, which uses Media Matrix digital architecture for a complete all-digital audio path from the floor microphones to the system loudspeakers. The Chamber is covered by 5 Ikegami HC-400 cameras on Radamec 431 robotic camera heads.  A FOR-A VPS-300 production switcher and Inscriber character generator running CG Supreme make up Production Control. All aspects of the system are controlled by a Crestron control processor, whose functions are user selectable to allow for a facility, which can be completely manual or use total automation. Upon recognition from the Speaker of the House, the system operator will select a member’s microphone. The Crestron will determine the primary and secondary camera shots and move the cameras, select the microphone, call up the appropriate CG page and trigger the switcher for a cut or fade.

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