Ross Acuity Production Switchers

The next generation Production Switcher Platform

Acuity Overview

Acuity is a completely new large switcher platform that takes Ross production switchers to the next level of performance and unleashes operator creativity. It combines operational elegance and aesthetic beauty with technical competence. This is a groundbreaking new production tool that is a joy to use and will simply get the job done without compromise.

Acuity Control Panels

We have questioned, listened and learned. Producers and operators have explained their desires and requirements. As a result we have sought new manufacturing techniques that allow the construction of control surfaces for Acuity that have truly desirable workflow combined with an ergonomically perfect layout, considerably enhancing overall operation and ease of use.

Acuity Production Engines

Two Acuity frame sizes provide a choice of I/O and ME configurations. SD,HD,3G or 4K productions are all accommodated within these incredible platforms. The smaller 4RU frame is not small! It combines a mix of 6 MEs / Dual Head MultiViewers with a huge 60 x 40 I/O. Step up to the 8RU frame and expand to 8 full ME’s with 120 x 60 I/O. This is Just The Beginning. Dream Big - Make it Happen.

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