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Governed by a pledge to be controversially Canadian, the Sun News team is unwavering in their commitment to uncover the real stories impacting the lives of everyday working people and their families. With fearless reporting and some of Canada's biggest names in news-talk, it's must watch television each and every day. Sun News has broadcast hubs in most major Canadian cities and is broadcast across Canada on cable networks. To ensure contribution from across Canada, Sun News called on Applied Electronics to help them build broadcast integrations in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Sun News in Toronto (the broadcast hub) required control of robotic camera systems across Canada (the spokes). Each spoke location housed at least one broadcast camera and automated robotics system, for a total of nine camera systems. SUN TV chose Panasonic AW-E870N cameras for their installations due to their light payload, ease of use in a robotics situation, and ease of control with Telemetrics systems. Dual Toronto hub locations housed main and backup control for the system. In addition to controlling new cameras, the Telemetrics system also needed to integrate three existing camera systems. Operators in Toronto are now able to control camera movement (pan, tilt and zoom) and camera functions (focus and iris) for live or pre-recorded SUN programs.

The challenge was in integrating a new Telemetrics robotics system with existing Radamec gear. Applied Electronics executed software modifications to accommodate control functions and integrate all spoke locations to the hub.

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