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Chris Tapinela - Accessible Channel

One thing thats going on moving from the tape-based workflow to the file-based workflow is you have a tremendous merging of the IT world and the broadcast engineering world. Applied (Electronics) knows this and they have expertise from both, they seem to have mastered it in terms of how those things can work together in a positive way. They have numerous experts that Ive known for a while in the industry, they were helpful from start to finish and they continue to help us solve any problems that we run into.

Applied believes in the process, they were able to form solutions that could work for our company and evolve the process as the project unfolded, they are willing to change based on new requirements that were thought of overtime from the brainstorming period. They look at the solution and then mold it into what ends up being the final solution, and thats why I'd recommend them.

Chris Tapinela

Accessible Channel

William Hanna - Humber College

One of the things that stuck to me in my role as I was looking at the bigger picture and the scope and the cost of the project, was the thoughtfulness that the staff at Applied Electronics brought to the process. The fact that they actually were taking the time to walk me through my own needs helped me learn about the industry and what my needs really were. In the end it saved me money but gave me a lot more confidence that Applied Electronics actually cared about the resulting solution for the college. You get asked a lot of times about what makes companies unique, the answer I have found over a fairly long career now, is its always about the people. Its about the culture that a company manages to build in people, and their ability to communicate to clients that they care and that they are they for you. I believe Applied (Electronics) does believe in its clients and is there for them.

William Hanna

School of Media Studies and Information Technology at Humber College

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