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Unbeatable Replays at an Unbeatable Price

What is LiveCeption Pure?

Leveraging EVS’ trademark reliability and responsiveness, LiveCeption Pure allows you to deliver higher quality replays and highlights on your entry-level productions. It is very easy to deploy and with the familiar layout of the remote controller, the large and widespread community of EVS operators will be up to speed in no time!  It’s unique characteristics also offer great flexibility and scalabilty to guarantee an enhanced viewing experience for many years to come.

Watch the Virtual Showcase - XT-GO and the LSM-GO

Trade-In Promotion

Trade in any replay server and benefit from the package listed below at an unexpected price!




What's included in the LiveCeption Pure Package?
  • XT-GO server for industry-standard replays and highlights (possibility to choose between 6 or 8ch HD)

  • LSM-GO remote controller with familiar design

  • XFile Lite for import/export of any type of content for playback and archive 

  • Fully-integrated multiviewer and control tally for easy deployment

  • Add on as you grow with flexible licensing model (SuperMotion replays, UHD-4K support, IP connectivity and high-speed networking)

  • Certified training course on the broadcast control system Cerebrum


Take a closer look at the solutions' key components

A perfect fit for productions using up to 10 cameras, EVS’ LiveCeption Pure solution offers cost-effective yet high-quality replays and highlights to enhance the viewing experience for fans.

Live Replay Server


XT-GO allows the renowned reliability and capabilities of EVS servers to be more accessible for smaller productions operating on tighter budgets. It delivers the essential functionalities of a powerful XT live production server including live feed recording, slow and super motion replays, as well as clipping and playlist control. It also offers flexible configurations, integrates all new formats and protocols from HD/ FHD to UHD-4K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP, all at an unexpected price.




Legendary live slow motion (LSM) control panel offering unmatched speed and precision for slow motion and live editing operations. LSM is part of the core operating system of the XT class of servers offered by EVS. By integrating the operational base into the server itself, it puts the most reactive live editing solutions available for sports and live event broadcasting in your hands. LSM provides renowned replay mode functions in slow motion, super motion and a range of on-the-fly editing actions.  Operations can be extended through a series of live tools, including LSM Connect, Epsio and MultiReview. 

File Media Exchange Solution


Connected archive and transcoding solution. XFile3 simplifies your file transfer and archive needs during a live production. With higher levels of efficiency and automation, you can archive, transform and restore your selected content - in any format and from multiple destinations. This software application provides complete control and visibility of all file transfers from one single intuitive interface, whether the user is archiving locally or through connected live workflows enabled by C-Next.


  • Get in touch with us today, to benefit from our LiveCeption Pure promotional package, giving you instant access to industry-standard replays and highlights, while maintaining your costs under control.


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