Nexidia Announces Illuminate, a New Family of QC and Compliance Products Built on Nexidia QC™ Technology

Nexidia, a leading developer of dialogue and audio analysis products and technologies, today announced Nexidia Illuminate, a new product family that encompasses Nexidia QC™ and builds on the technology behind it. The technology allows broadcasters, content creators, caption creators, and post professionals to verify captions, video description, and language in media files. With Nexidia Illuminate, Nexidia will now offer three different software-based products targeted for different applications — Nexidia QC for quality control, Nexidia Comply for broadcast compliance, and Nexidia Align for caption alignment. Align is provided as an option for both Nexidia QC and Nexidia Comply.

“With Nexidia Illuminate, we’re offering products tailored specifically for the individual broadcast monitoring, compliance, and file-based QC markets, with more flexible pricing options to better suit each of those markets and individual customer needs. We’re also expanding our partner integrations as we expand our customer base,” said Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager, Nexidia Media and Entertainment Division. “Each of the Nexidia Illuminate products eases the burden on media organizations that are now responsible for delivering media in many different versions for their various content partners. They can now automate something that could previously only be done manually, not only relieving QC and compliance operators from the tedious work of checking these aspects of the media, but also reducing costs, increasing throughput, and improving quality.”

The company’s Nexidia Illuminate product family is a unique set of solutions for verifying captions, video description, and language in media files. Unlike many of the existing products on the market that only perform metadata checks, the Nexidia Illuminate products actually inspect the essence of the media to perform their analysis. In addition, the solutions can process media over 40 times faster than real time using just a single processing core, and can run multiple files in parallel across all available cores. This capability means users can monitor more than 100 channels at a time from a single Nexidia Comply server, or QC tens of thousands of hours of media per day from a single Nexidia QC server.

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About Nexidia
Nexidia is the audio and video search company with patented technologies and breakthrough applications that make it quick and easy for customers to gain new insight, boost their competitive advantage, and monetize large volumes of audio and video assets from entertainment, sports, news, education, corporate, government, financial, house of worship, and non-profit organizations.

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