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Located in the heart of Old Montréal, the PHI Centre is a versatile venue that accommodates a variety of events, including launches, conferences, seminars, screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances and interactive installations. The PHI Centre’s mission is to make art accessible to many people using various mediums including film, movies, print art and music.
Applied Electronics was contracted in August 2011 to provide our expertise in the design and integration of the Audio Visual and Post Production equipment in the Performance Venue Area, Project Room, and Production Suite.

The Performance venue is a 1200 sq. ft. space that seats 380 viewers. The space is a versatile, multi-purpose area that can function as a music venue, screening hall, exhibit space for creative media, workshops and corporate events, photography, soundstage for recording and scoring as well as filmmaking. Integrated in the room is a 6000 Lumen Christie Projection system with 13’-4” x 7’-6” 16:9 projection screen. For surround sound, Applied Electronics installed a powerful Reinkus Heinz CF101LA Sound system throughout the space.

The Project Room was designed to function as a true 85-seat Digital Cinema Screening Hall. Mainly used for films events, the space can easily double as a sound stage and production facility. The Project Room boasts a powerful 2K 12000 lumen Christie Projection system and shown on a 19’6” x 10’3” Projection screen with variable masking. Integrated into the space is a second 7.1 surround sound Reinkus Heinz CF101LA sound system. Other uses for this space include: a music venue, exhibit space for creative media, workshops and corporate events, photography, soundstage for recording and scoring and filmmaking.

The Production Suite is the digital nerve centre of the PHI complex. Applied Electronics understood that this space would function as a full editing suite and the hub of the centre. Integrated and designed into the space were two Final Cut video editing stations, a Yamaha DM1000 5.1 sound board, a Ross HD-SDI router, a SSL AWS 924 Analog Recording Console with Protools, Telex Zeus III intercom system Communication network and an ISILON NAS IQ6000.

The recording studio could be utilized as a live room and sound booth recording. From the producer desk, professionals and artists can record feeds from the venue and Project Room and are able to complete music scoring and video post-production.

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