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SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta completed a major high definition upgrade of its broadcast production facilities for its Radio, Television and Broadcast News (RTBN) program.

The SAIT RTBN program teaches the fundamentals of writing, directing, producing, live production and editing of video projects focussing on three core areas of Radio, Television and Broadcast News. The strong emphasis on hands-on learning and creativity enables student to choose the options that best fits their skills and interests, in preparation for challenging, creative and exciting careers in the evolving world of the media and broadcast industry of today and tomorrow.

Applied Electronics was engaged to submit proposals for a two-stage project. The first component was to replace the video production switcher in the TV production studio, followed by a high definition upgrade to the entire studio facility. The main goals of the project were to bring the facility up to modern standards and offer training on state-of-the art media production equipment and processes, and to integrate the new technology from other areas of the program in an end-to-end training solution.

The project started with an evaluation of HD production switcher technology and resulted in the selection of a Ross Video Vision 2 multi-definition video switcher to replace the RVS-316 unit that had served them well for many years. The second phase of the project involved updating the entire production facility to state of the art high definition equipment. In consultation with SAIT’s instructors, department heads and technical staff, an end-to-end solution was devised around equipment from Ross Video to provide the key switcher, router, graphics, server and conversion components.

Installation of the equipment was completed by SAIT’s in-house engineering staff with support from Applied Electronics’ technical group. The final step was the recent addition of new HD studio cameras. SAIT’s new studio facility was completed in time for the start of this past semester and now has one of the most advanced HD training facilities in the Prairies.

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