Introducing Imigo:


A Customizable Council & Committee Meeting Control System

Imigo is a customizable, hardware-agnostic, tailored solution for council & committee meeting spaces, designed by Applied Electronics' team of brilliant Solution Architects to enhance the user experience and functionality.


What is Imigo?

Imigo is based on Applied Electronics’ tried and true custom programming used by provincial legislatures, municipal council chambers, educational and corporate committee meeting rooms across Canada for more than 20 years.

The modern interface is based on feedback from our customers and provides at a glance system status and control with a live video inlay.

The touchscreen-based system is customizable and hardware-agnostic, tailored to the unique needs of the legislative broadcasting market.

Imigo interfaces to popular cameras and robotics, switchers, graphics, routers, SI and delegate systems to create seamless workflows from the acknowledgement of a member to microphone control, automatic camera shot selection, graphics preload by member role and switcher control.

Optional debate clock displays can be included at members’ desks with additional features such as microphone mute, voting buttons, and special functions such as chime and in camera control for the Clerk and Speaker positions.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced user experience: Flexible multiviewer with controls over live video and photos from the venue.
  • Flexible CG interaction, 5 name and role presets for 50 participants and 8 roles in 2 languages; participant reassignment to any seat via user interface.
  • Hardware-agnostic.
  • Simplified router control:Operator configurable router ties in options for the user interface.
  • Committee and Session mode selection for seamless camera control.
  • User experience customization via admin configuration.

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Member Information Editor Interface

The operator can edit the Member information using a computer without disrupting operations. Native syllabic fields are included.


The information is sent to CG & Graphics Systems and to panels in the seating positions, if desired.

Options for additional arrangements could be included in the system.

Dedicated Touch Panels

Touch panel displays are installed at each seating position, tabletop or surface mount. This panels can be in different sizes 5”, 7,” 10” & 22” diagonal.


Hard buttons can be replaced by soft buttons on the user interface.  Tally lights can be replaced by buttons feedback changes and messages displayed on the panel.

The 22” panel can be used as a confidence monitor for any video feed available to the system with the ability to annotate if desired.



Device Control

Control interfaces are added to the user interface with the desired options. The system can control devices via:

  • IP
  • RS232/422/485
  • GPIO
  • Contact Clousure
  • IR
  • Power control


Customizable Operator Interface

The interface can be configured to show the selected outputs in the user interface and sources for each output are selectable.


This option allows the administrator to modify the outputs available in the user interface to simplify usage; ideal in large systems. The routing page is dynamically populated with the enabled outputs and its assigned sources.


Enhanced User Interface

Site photos can be included in the user interface to enhance the experience.

Multiviewer or single assignable video preview option is available in the interface, by touching the video window the image becomes full screen showing camera selection and control.


Cameras in manual mode is available for the operator, if they want to be able to select or modify the camera presets.

The user can select to display the room layout in the interface.

The system will remember the user preference when displaying this page.



To discuss how we can support you with technology, please contact us at:


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