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Shaw Media’s Global TV operations in Toronto and Winnipeg hit the streets with new News vehicles. The Mercedes Benz Sprinters were a 3-truck project undertaken by Applied Electronics with our truck builder partner Frontline Communications and Shaw Media’s Paul Thomas and Len Virog taking care of project management.

After successfully building and integrating a number of Global News vehicles for Shaw Media, Applied Electronics was happy to work with the company again, leaving Applied Electronics’ mark on a total of 10 News vehicles. The vans built for Global News in Toronto and Winnipeg are ENG and transmit with IMT/Nucomm Newscaster and MRC radios respectively. Applied Electronics’ integration teams completed full production integration for each vehicle, which featured Panasonic video switchers and Boland HD monitors.

The Winnipeg van employs a Studio Technologies mixer and Telex intercom, while Toronto’s van uses Mackie and Clear-Com. Both use Lectrosonics for IFB. The Halifax Sprinter is a digital satellite uplink van. The van is encompassed of a 1.8m AVL antenna and handles the output from a 200w amplifier and an Eriksson Voyager II encoder. The satellite engineering used on the van is from Frontline Communications. Headlining the DSNG Sprinter’s production suite is a Ross Video Crossover Solo switcher and a pair of Boland HD monitors. The Mackie 16-channel mixer with Telex intercom and Lectrosonics IFB round out Halifax Sprinter’s studio-on-the-go capabilities.

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