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Overcome design challenges around incorporating communications & collaboration technology into your spaces

Media, communications and collaboration technologies are becoming a significant element in Space Planning for the corporate office market segment. As technology rapidly evolves, so do the needs and expectations of clients for seamless integration of technology into their environments.


Applied Electronics’ goal is to assist Architects & Interior Designers in preserving design elements without compromising room aesthetics when integrating the technology. We can give you a glimpse into the new aesthetically-pleasing Unified Communications & Collaboration technologies available today, and we’ll work with you to help make these technologies invisible.

Areas of expertise:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Media
  • Systems Infrastructure Design
  • Customizable Furniture for Huddle and other Collaboration Spaces
  • Discreet Equipment Storage Solutions
  • Inconspicuous Microphones, Speakers and Cameras
  • Cable Management Solutions
  • Room Automation Systems
  • Room Scheduling Solutions


Ask us about:

  • Thermal Management – Avoiding Heat Build-up in Credenzas or other Furniture
  • Technology-Friendly Furniture, Tables, Credenzas, and Lecterns
  • Discreet Table Boxes and Cable Retractors
  • Functional Unified Communications Solutions
  • Avoiding Conflicts with the Building Envelope and other Systems – Mechanical and Sound Masking


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