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Applied Electronics Limited: Your Complete Technology Partner

About Applied Electronics:

As a critical communication solutions provider, Applied Electronics is providing essential services and technology products to those working in remote work environments for the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, Communications, Healthcare, Education, and Corporate sectors.

Our Services:

  • Systems Design
  • Media System Integration
  • Engineering & POC
  • Technical Consultation
  • User Training
  • Service & Support


Media Technology Solutions for Remote Broadcast Environments:

  • Microphone & Sound Systems
  • System Automation
  • Broadcast Control Systems
  • Camera Robotics
  • Video Capture Solutions
  • Record & Archive Systems
  • Media Asset Management, Data Storage & Archiving Solutions
  • Unified Communications Solutions
  • Audio and Video Conferencing Systems
  • Visual Collaboration Tools
  • Audio & Video Streaming


Broadcast Media Solutions:

  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Media Systems Integration
  • Display Solutions
  • Film and Digital Cinema
  • Second Screen
  • Pro Audio Mixing Consoles
  • Content Creation & Production
  • News Production
  • News Automation
  • Production Workflow Solutions
  • Production Automation
  • Virtual Sets
  • 3D Real-Time Graphics Solutions
  • Ultra HD and 4K
  • Camera Robotics
  • Custom News and EFP Vans/Mobiles
  • Post Production
  • Content Delivery & Distribution
  • Video Distribution & Playout
  • Multi-Platform Delivery
  • Streaming, OTT & Connected Media
  • File Delivery & File-Based Solutions
  • IT & Network Infrastructure / Storage
  • Archive & Data Libraries
  • Cloud Services

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Back by popular demand...


Networking for Media Workflows



Hosted by Applied Electronics, this exclusive two-day Arista technical training course will provide those in the media and broadcast industry with the tools needed to understand the requirements of designing networks for their specific workflows.

We'll look at both real-time and file storage (more data centre driven) systems and their specific needs, as well as review the Arista platform selection for each specific requirement, and its integration with third party vendors to ensure proper system operation and monitoring is in place.


Reserve Your Seat in this exclusive technical training course, designed for Broadcast Engineers and Technicians who are looking to expand their knowledge of Networking and SMPTE 2110.

Online Course Agenda: 

This complimentary online course is composed of two (2) three-hour technical training sessions hosted over two (2) days, with scheduled breaks, and will be conducted by Arista certified system engineers who are experts in SMPTE 2110.

PART 1 - Tuesday, July 7, 2020
10:00 AM (PT)  /  1:00 PM (ET)

  • About Arista and Media Overview
  • What sets Arista apart in media
  • Platforms for Media - High bitrate and low bitrate
  • Involvement in standards
  • Multicast Intro - IGMP, PIM, Rendez-vous Points, etc.
  • PTP Overview and best practices
  • Successful deployments on ST-2110 and other video applications
  • What is required for a scalable and efficient topology
  • Integration with Arista partners (broadcast vendors) and how this impacts the design

PART 2 - Thursday, July 9, 2020
10:00 AM (PT)  /  1:00 PM (ET)

  • Traditional Data Center Design
  • Understanding MLAG and its advantages
  • Layer-2 Leaf-Spine vs Layer-3 Leaf Spine
  • Campus and Wifi


Technical Presenters:


Ryan Morris
Systems Engineer, Arista

Ryan Morris is a Systems Engineer at Arista Networks, with his focus being in the Media and Entertainment vertical.  While at Arista, Morris has assisted with the successful design and configuration of numerous ST-2110 deployments across the globe, while also acting as an SME in performing numerous training courses and discussions regarding the broadcasting industry’s transition to IP.  Morris has worked with Arista’s numerous partners to assist in creating a better user experience for all those embarking on the IP transition, through enhanced monitoring systems and implementing best practices that relate to both multicast and PTP distribution.

Prior to joining Arista Networks, Morris was involved in many IP deployments while working at Imagine Communications and CTV Bell Media.  This includes numerous Olympic Games’ transmission networks, covering the encoding/decoding paths over the WAN, as well as uncompressed signals over IP over a LAN.

Morris graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.



Frederic Laine
Systems Engineer, Arista

Frederic Laine, Systems Engineer at Arista Networks for the last 4 years, covers the Quebec territory. Frederic has worked in the networking industry for over 12 years with a focus on Enterprise Campus & Datacenter, Cloud Service Provider, Telecom & MSO Operators and for the last 3 years Media. His responsibilities span across training, design sessions, solution implementations, product & solution presentations, lab tests and troubleshooting. Prior to Arista, Frederic was a Systems Engineer with Cisco Systems and prior to that, a Software Engineer for a few enterprises.

Frederic graduated from Ecole de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) in Montreal, Quebec with a degree in Software Engineering.


Reserve Your Seat in this exclusive technical training course, designed for Broadcast Engineers and Technicians who are looking to expand their knowledge of Networking and SMPTE 2110.


And Don't Miss This...

Roaring Forward with IP - Live 

ST-2110 Interoperability Workflow Demo

Applied Electronics' team of brilliant Solution Architects has just completed a custom-designed, end-to-end live production workflow ... and we're excited to demo it for you!

Book a DEMO and be amongst the first to get a live exclusive look at our fully operational PoC in real-time. Our Solution Architects will demonstrate in real-time how you can achieve a truly live production and broadcast workflow for your remote operations, while addressing major ST-2110 topics for Broadcast Engineers. Workflow showcased by private appointment only.


Get a Demo by contacting your Account Manager. This IP live production workflow is showcased by private appointment only, so don't miss out!


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