Commissioning and Testing Your Audio Visual Integration

Change orders to facilitate adjustments to your audio visual integration

Our experience allows us to plan every aspect of your audio visual integration, but even so, new requirements or unforeseen challenges frequently arise in any project. Our experience in dealing with these variables has allowed us to create methodologies for managing change effectively.

Change Orders for audio visual equipment adjustments

Change orders allow AEL’s project team to manage any adjustments that may be required for the audio video equipment used in your system. This includes information on the change and the reason for it, as well as its impact on the project’s budget.

Deviation Orders for variations in labour

When project changes involve labour resources on your project, AEL will use a Deviation Order. Our team will quickly determine viable alternatives for you to approve, and then they will move the project forward accordingly.

The impact to your budget will always be minimized as much as possible for any of these variables.

Testing your audio visual integration

In order to ensure your audio visual system is fully operational upon completion, our test engineer will conduct tests with a designated member of the client’s team in attendance. Manufacturers may also be involved for testing audio visual equipment and software as required.

This testing process produces the ‘Testing and Commissioning Report’ that will:

  • identify all testing activities performed;
  • clearly show the test results for each element of the system;
  • confirm the accuracy of all connections in the system, if applicable;
  • provide detail on the testing results and provide comparison to acknowledged standards to establish if the results are within acceptable tolerance standards, if applicable; and
  • ensure that both the client representative and AEL testing personnel have signed off on the results.

Committed to quality in your audio visual system

Applied Electronics ultimate goal is to provide you with an audio visual system that is fully tested and functional. In the event where minor deficiencies are discovered during testing, our team will keep track of them in a Deficiency Report, and we will work with our team and/or the manufacturer as needed until the Scope of Work is fully realized to its specifications. Issues will be resolved as quickly to ensure we optimize your overall Applied Electronics experience.

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