Audio Visual System Design

Audio visual design to achieve your unique concept

Designing your audio visual system is about more than just the equipment and infrastructure – it needs to encompass your goals, the skilled people required to implement the solution, and a clear understanding for all parties about how it will all come together.

At Applied Electronics, our design team achieves this comprehensive plan in the form of a scope of work, or SOW, driven by the requirements identified by the client. From clarifying goals to specifying hardware and software, human resources allocations and scheduling, and training, along with all other deliverables, expectations, and project time constraints. This document creates a central point of agreement and collaboration to create a clear understanding for everyone on the project, at every stage.

Design engineers who achieve your audio visual vision

Your skilled Applied Electronics design engineer creates (and adjusts as needed) the flow functional and architectural/mechanical drawings for the on-site build and wire lists required for your audio visual system. They are also on-site during your system integration, managing any adjustments that may be required as your vision is carried from concept to reality. Our team’s ability to with practical and dynamic solutions to challenges is one of our competitive advantages.

Our experienced project manager and audio visual design team will collaborate to explore options to provide optimal results that produce schedules, workflow diagrams, budgets, scheduling, and the most suitable audio visual equipment and concepts to future-proof your technology and its configuration. Drawings will evolve with the project to maximize the results according to the specified goals.

The resulting drawings of your audio visual system design will include:

  • Conceptual Workflow Diagram
  • Functional Overview
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Rack, Panel and Bulkhead Elevations
  • Audio Functional
  • Video Functional
  • Control Functional
  • Cable Runlists
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