Commissioning and Changes to your Broadcast System Installation

Our experience and knowledge allows Applied Electronics to adapt your broadcasting installation to meet new or unforeseen requirements at any stage of the project

There will undoubtedly be some items that surface during the broadcast system installation process that either weren’t contemplated or known in the design phases. Applied Electronics has developed reliable and efficient systems for dealing with changes and deviations to the original Scope of Work. If equipment changes are necessary, Change Orders are utilized. These orders detail who requested the change, what the change is, why it is necessary, and the cost of the change.

Deviation Orders, on the other hand, deal with any labor deviations from the original Scope of Work. When a change is necessary, Applied Electronics is good at formulating various alternatives, presenting them to the customer, and gaining agreement on a desired course of action. Applied Electronics always makes a concerted effort to minimize any charge resulting from a change of equipment or deviation in work. 

Testing your broadcast system installation

Applied Electronics will provide you with a fully tested system, ready to be utilized in a live situation. After installation, cabling and terminations have been completed, Applied Electronics will embark on testing procedures to ensure the integrity of all Applied Electronics supplied broadcast system components. All tests will be conducted by an Applied Electronics designated test engineer and a customer representative. In certain circumstances, testing of equipment/software may be performed by the manufacturer.

The outcome of these tests will be documented in the ‘Testing and Commissioning Report’. The Testing Report will:

  • Identify all testing activities;
  • Detail if a piece of equipment and/or software passed the test;
  • If applicable, verify accurate implementation of all connections;
  • If applicable, provide detail on the particular result and if it is within acceptable tolerance standards (for example, by providing the test result in relation to the accepted standard); and
  • Provide an area for sign off by both Applied Electronics and the customer for each test performed.

Accountabilty for your broadcast system installation

If a piece of equipment does not pass the acceptance test for your broadcast system, Applied Electronics and/or the manufacturer will make adjustments or perform changes required to bring the equipment within original specifications. Of course, the goal is to hand over a fully tested, complete functional broadcast system to the customer. In certain cases there may be minor deficiencies; these deficiencies will be tracked in a ‘Deficiency Report’ managed by Applied Electronics and supplied to the customer throughout the deficiency process. The Applied Electronics difference is that these deficiencies will be actively pursued until they are solved. We understand that we are only as good as our last project, so we take substantive steps to ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

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