Broadcast Systems Development Process


Applied Electronics provides a customized approach to project management for your broadcast system to meet your specific needs. Although each project has its own ‘personality’, there are common features and procedures that guarantee success in completing them on time and on budget.

Getting started on your broadcast system project

The first important step is identifying the project team, including both client and Applied Electronics staff, and assigning ‘ownership’ and responsibility for key tasks that are critical to overall success of your broadcast project. A good client/Applied Electronics partnership results in a successful project. Goals and objectives (both functional and financial) are clearly understood at the onset and all parties work in a positive direction to achieve them.

Upon award of the contract, a kick-off meeting will be scheduled to introduce the other project team members, review the proposed timeline that identifies the client’s critical dates, and discuss the template for ongoing status meetings and engineering workshops. This process is tailored to each client’s requirements.

Scope of work and flexibility for the development of your broadcast system

We provide a Scope of Work for your broadcast system development which outlines customer workflow, equipment, cabling, integration, and schedule. There may be other items that emerge during the course of the project that are either unforeseen or not considered during the design and/or RFP phase. Additionally, there may be issues that arise during the installation stage that neither party could have foreseen which require deviations from the original plan. In this situation Applied Electronics will make every reasonable effort to include these changes and/or costs within the originally planned budget.

While our reputation has been built on providing honest, accurate and detailed proposals backed by a proven track record of completing projects within their original scope, our greatest strength is flexibility!

An exceptional advantage of Applied Electronics is our depth of support throughout, and more importantly, after your project has been completed. The Broadcast Systems Group, Audio Visual Division, and the Applied Electronics Service Department have expertise to support a broad spectrum of product lines. Our installation and service technicians have extensive manufacturer training and access to product experts. They bring to your project a wealth of experience gained from many years of service to the Canadian broadcast industry.

Applied Electronics will provide, detailed, accurate information in the following areas of your broadcast system development:
  • Applied Electronics Project Team Assignment and Project Management
  • Timeline and Schedule Management
  • Design and System Drawings
  • Equipment Management & Procurement
  • Installation, Commissioning and Testing
  • Project Completion
  • Our Ongoing Partnership of After Sales Support

As part of most broadcast systems projects, Applied Electronics will:
  • Provide a complete and working system as outlined in the RFP/RFQ or Statement of Work.
  • Provide all broadcasting equipment, labour and materials required to complete the job.
  • Work in accordance with the best trade practices, and fabricate and install all items in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations and specifications.
  • Update the customer or their designate on issues that must be addressed immediately to ensure on-time delivery of the project. Additionally, we will inform the client of any equipment or system components that fail to meet original system design expectations during the installation and commissioning process.
  • Be responsible for delivering and receiving all purchased equipment to the customer site.
  • Provide the customer with broadcasting equipment information including manufacturer, model, and serial numbers of all equipment in an MS Excel spreadsheet before installation.
  • Inform the customer of any equipment delays and/or correspondence from suppliers and manufacturers that concern their broadcasting equipment.
  • Visually inspect all equipment for damage or defects prior to installation. Damaged or defective materials shall be reported to the customer.
  • Mount and install all Applied Electronics supplied broadcasting equipment in console and rack, on walls, floors, ceiling, in millwork, including provision of all fasteners and brackets.
  • Facilitate all electrical power connection points inside Applied Electronics supplied equipment racks.
  • Populate all modular card frames with various input/output cards.
  • Provide all cables and connectors.
  • Configure software and hardware as outlined in the RFP/RFQ or Statement of Work.
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