Programming and Installing Your Broadcast System and Equipment

From foundational cabling to broadcasting equipment, Applied Electronics provides detailed installation for your broadcast system

When the construction of the project’s technical areas have been completed, Applied Electronics will begin the on-site installation phase of the project. Installation of your broadcasting equipment in an integrated system usually commences with our qualified crew installing cable within the racks and from the central racks to outlying equipment areas. In all installations, Applied Electronics ensures a senior cable person is scheduled to lead the cable crew. This person has years of experience and knowledge, which helps them supervise junior cable resources, accurately interpret the drawings, and understand the most efficient way to run the cable. They are also tasked with the responsibility of producing the best quality wiring job you’ve ever seen!

After the cable installation is well established, the broadcasting equipment installation phase begins. In this phase, installation personnel begin to install equipment in the racks, connect cables and power cords, and power up the equipment. At this time all terminations will be tested to ensure the integrity of the wiring. Any discrepancies will be corrected before equipment commissioning and testing begins.

Applied Electronics prides itself on producing the neatest, most efficient and effective installation possible for your broadcast system project. To ensure this goal, we have developed guidelines which are consistently applied throughout the installation period.

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