Project Management for Broadcast Systems

At the outset of any broadcast system project Applied Electronics brings together a diverse, experienced set of individuals to form the project team.

The project team typically consists of the customer’s technical lead and an Applied Electronics sales representative, project manager, administrative manager, design and drawing engineer, and installation supervisor. Depending on the project it may also consist of a software engineer, install and commission engineer, and a test engineer. Initially, all project members input into creating a facility workflow which best reflects your concept, broadcasting equipment selection, and desired functionality. Applied Electronics project team members are well versed in developing leading-edge or conservative workflows to fit into your desired timeline, facility and budget specifications.

The schedule for your broadcast system project is created to identify and coordinate critical tasks, milestones and project delivery dates. Designing the schedule begins by identifying your timeline requirements, critical dates, and any equipment delivery constraints. Drawing, cabling, installation, commissioning and testing activities are scheduled accordingly. If required, Applied Electronics’ project manager will adjust tasks during the project to ensure it is delivered on time. Applied has an exceptional reputation for meeting key on-air dates, even under challenging circumstances.

Broadcasting equipment selection process

An integral part of the design and engineering process is the selection of broadcasting equipment. Applied Electronics have in-depth knowledge regarding equipment choice and how that equipment best fits into the overall workflow! We utilize this experience to construct an equipment list that is thorough and accurate, as this list becomes a primary building block for the entire project. Applied Electronics have also become adept at estimating the amount of infrastructure that is required. The infrastructure or ‘glue’ that holds each project together includes video and audio DAs, patch fields, bulkheads, synchronizers, converters, cable, and connectors.

The equipment list not only details needed broadcasting equipment, but many other important project details as well. Initially, the list is utilized by our project administrators to order equipment and track deliveries. It is then migrated to our on-site project manager, who utilizes it to receive and verify equipment as it arrives on site. Before equipment is installed, all serial numbers and asset tags are tracked on the equipment list, thus making it a valuable document for you at the end of the project! 

There is virtually no piece of broadcasting equipment that we are unable to integrate into the customer location! In fact, in many cases we are required to integrate existing customer equipment into the build. If this is necessary Applied Electronics will ensure that all existing customer equipment is factored into the overall design, workflow, and migration plan. We will also detail potential integration risks and suggest back-up plans should an existing piece of equipment fail during the transition period.

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