Warranty & Support for Broadcast Systems

Protecting your investment in your new broadcast system

AEL stands behind all broadcast systems by offering an encompassing one year warranty on all installations. If any system defect is discovered as a result of the installation within this one year period, AEL will make it right. To further protect our customers, multi-year extended service and support contracts are available.

An important advantage to working with AEL is our after-installation services. We are one of the very few companies across Canada who can service the broadcast systems we sell. Service technicians are available locally and are often able to perform the repair on site. This results in less downtime and faster turnaround for equipment repairs.

To ensure an after-sales broadcast system support plan is implemented smoothly, there are steps our clients can take to support the process. Specifically, we have found that systems of support run efficiently if:

  • A support agreement is in place well before project completion.
  • The client specifies one or at the most two people as ongoing project contacts. Duties and responsibilities of these people should be defined and understood by both parties.
  • The client internal approvals are easy to obtain within a short time period.
  • Accounting systems, methodologies, etc. are established well in advance and understood by both parties such that accounting complications do not encumber getting the system back up and running quickly.
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