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Fans attending events at Calgary’s Scotiabank Saddledome in the new year will notice 4 large projection screens recently installed in the upper level of the stadium. AEL was approached by the Calgary Flames management in the fall of 2010 to come up with a creative solution to augment the fan experience in the 300 level of the building. The solution included the addition of 4 high definition large screen projection systems that would work in conjunction with the building’s existing state-of-the art LED scoreboard system. During a proof of concept demo at the building, it was clear that there were challenges as to where the screen and projectors could effectively be mounted. Nick Eriksen, AEL’s Lead Technician on the project, suggested the Christie projectors could be mounted on the front bulkhead of the 300 level seating area, and be hidden under the existing red awning that runs along the front bulkhead (seen in the picture). With some small modifications to the awning to accommodate airflow, this turned out to be the perfect solution. The second phase of the project involved adding 4 Panasonic HD robotic cameras to the 300 level, Flames dressing room hallway and penalty box areas. The cameras are controlled from an operator’s console in the video control room. High definition video signals are carried over fiber between the video control room, cameras and projectors. Operational control and diagnostics of the new equipment is via Ethernet using the building’s existing LAN. The three existing smaller video screens seen in the picture have since been repurposed for digital signage applications. The new projection system was operational on-time and under budget for the second half of the Flames NHL season.

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