Applied Electronics Builds Visual Radio Studios Across Canada for the CBC

Since the successful launch of the CBC visual radio studio in Calgary, Applied Electronics has gone on to integrate 18 more across Canada.

Applied Electronics integrated the first visual radio solution into CBC’s Calgary EyeOpener Radio studio. The system consisted of a single ChyronHego Visual Radio system that connects with the existing radio automation and creates a fully automated entertaining visual radio experience to engage fans through social media. 

The Visual Radio system produced a non-redundant workflow that utilized 12 different audio sources for triggering, six live cameras - four studio, one control room and one roof camera - and more than 32 different switching rules to produce a visual radio show that does not require an operator to run the show.

Visual Radio by ChyronHego is a fully-automated software solution that automatically switches cameras and plays graphics by analyzing audio signals and XML data from the radio station’s automation system. Visual Radio mimics a real director, leaving the radio presenters to do what they are good at, which is making radio.

Visual Radio combines automatic camera switching, dynamic digital video effects (DVE) and graphic overlays with real time XML updates and audio control. Visual Radio is designed for web, mobile and TV platforms, and enables hosts to engage fans through social media.

Visual Radio is an add-on to your radio production that does not require extra staff. Take your radio show to the next level by giving your audience the chance to experience unique radio moments – as they happen. Visual Radio turns listeners into viewers.

A graphics system was also implemented into the workflow to efficiently create dynamic graphics. Commissioning and training of system operators was completed over the course of five days.

Since the successful launch of the fully automated entertaining CBC visual radio studio in Calgary, Applied Electronics has gone on to integrate the visual radio solution into 18 more CBC radio studios across Canada, including SRC radio studios in Quebec.


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