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Cambridge is a thriving city located in Canada’s rich industrial heartland of southern Ontario. Applied Electronics had the opportunity to be a part of the revitalization of historic Cambridge City Hall that was built in the 1850’s. The goal of the project was preserving key elements of the building while transforming the building to accommodate accessibility and 21st century technology.

An intricate A/V system was integrated onto the design of the existing architecture of the building by Applied Electronics team of designers and technical specialists. The Council Chambers were adorned with new sound systems, noise barriers and two 103 inch Panasonic flat panel viewing screens. For viewing delegate presentation, 19 inch flat panel screens were added for all council, management staff and media positions. Delegates were also provided with wireless microphones, document cameras and sound systems. Voting in the Chambers has become entirely digitized by adding electronic applications. Voters simply have to press a button to vote! After the voting has concluded, results appear on display for public viewing instantaneously.

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