City of Toronto – Committee Rooms

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The City of Toronto contracted Applied Electronics to update and automate the A/V and broadcast systems in their Committee Rooms. Rooms 1 & 2 are larger, more heavily used committee rooms that commonly facilitate the broadcasting of government proceedings and key issue debates.

The upgraded system in Committee Room 1 included an Extron 16x16 matrix and two DLP projectors.Committee Room 2 required a complete rebuild of the delegate system, request-to-speak (RTS) system,broadcast switcher, a character generator, pan-tilt cameras, and control system. The new system includes two Panasonic 3-CCD broadcast-grade block cameras, Crestron automation system, two DLP projectors, Draper tabtensioned display screens, Lectrosonic DSP audio processor, a For-A character generator, and a Ross video broadcast switcher.

Rooms 3 & 4 are smaller rooms which previously had no A/V equipment and received DLP projectors, Crown amp & speakers and an Extron Medialink control system. The most important feature is the automation of the A/V equipment and a simple and common user interface for Rooms 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.

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