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When the cities and boroughs surrounding the downtown Toronto area officially merged to form the current Metro Toronto, Applied Electronics was contracted by the City to provide design and installation services to refit the existing council chamber with technology to accommodate the additional elected members who would be joining the sessions. The original system which was not expandable had to be completely removed. The new system, designed for expandability, included a full RTS (Request to Speak) and voting system, Crestron control system, broadcast grade 3-CCD cameras, pan/tilt heads, control room, and a Christie Digital (Electrohome) projection system.

Since the installation, Applied Electronics has continued to provide design and integration services to the City of Toronto to ensure that the system is up-to-date and meets the current requirements of the City.

Applied Electronics also designed and installed a new Committee room (Committee Room A) at the City of Toronto. This room which seats 30 people has an RTS system, voting system, 5 broadcast grade 3-CCD cameras with pan/tilt, Crestron system, and a full broadcast control room.

Upgrades have included the replacement of the original cameras with compact broadcast grade 3-CCD Panasonic units and also a more advance pan/tilt head system. The projector has also been upgraded to a newer brighter unit.

Applied Electronics also upgraded the analog microphone mixers to digital units with DSP.  During the same time, the same upgrade was also carried out at the original City of Scarborough site, which is now used as a Committee room by the City of Toronto.

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