Introducing EditShare:

Media Workflow, Storage & Editing Solutions


Empowering you to store, edit, and manage video production on-premise or in the cloud. 


EditShare simplifies your production workflow, allowing your creativity to flourish unrestrained. It helps you do what you’re already doing, but better by integrating with the platforms and tools you’re already using. 


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Editshare products and how they can expand your broadcast production and playout horizons:

Storage Solutions (EFS)

  • Creative and Workflow Freedom
  • Optimized for Digital Media Workflows
  • Scalable

EFS is a software defined ecosystem uniquely tailored for media centric environments eliminating management of multiple storage volumes. It enables you to seamlessly add capacity - simply connect another storage node and EFS rebalances the distribution of data.


  • Open platform with broad compatibility across creative tools for editing, audio mixing, and grading
  • Enabling high-performance cloud storage and collaborative editing
  • Virtualized in AWS, Tencent Cloud, and other public and private cloud environments

Simplifying the migration to the cloud with pre-configured and pre-tested EFSv solutions. These turn-key configurations allow you to immediately adapt your workflows from traditional, on-premise environments to cloud-enabled remote workflows..

Media Management (FLOW)

  • Works with any Non Linear Editing System (NLE)
  • Enabling Remote Production
  • Easy to Deploy

FLOW is a media management platform that supports and manages all types of media content, whether located on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation. FLOW handles all of your media by indexing every file, centralizing them and enabling easy access through a simple, efficient UI

API Integration

  • Integrate best of breed solutions
  • Build extensive workflows on your terms
  • Enable SSO capabilities making it easier to use projects and collaboration tools
  • Connect to the tools and systems you desire

Build and tailor your workflows through our advanced set of open APIs. EditShare also partners with the industry’s most innovative technology companies to develop and deliver integrated solutions that solve current and future workflow challenges.


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