Extending educational resources and increasing student reach to bring long-term cost savings to higher education.


Remote Media Solutions for Education

Applied Electronics is supporting the continuity of operations for Higher Education institutions by providing Remote Media Solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Virtual Teaching & Distance Learning Solutions
  • Mobile Virtual Teaching Carts
  • Live Streaming & Recording
  • Real-Time Content Distribution to Social Networks
  • Content Creation & Mobile Production Solutions
  • Video Conferencing in Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration Tools
  • Surveillance & Control Solutions for Crisis Response & Monitoring
  • Media Storage Solutions


Our Experience

As a critical communication solutions provider, Applied Electronics is providing essential services and technology products to those working in remote work environments in the Education, Communications, Healthcare, Corporate, and Government sectors.


To learn which post-secondary institutions we’re currently working with and how we’re supporting their continued communication, collaboration and education efforts during their emergency responses, please contact us at:



To discuss how we can support you with technology, please contact us at:



Our Service

Applied Electronics excels in the design, integration and support of audio visual systems for the Canadian post-secondary education market. We have an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in projects that engage multi-location audio visual systems. Our services include:

  • Systems Design
  • Media System Integration
  • POC & Engineering
  • Technical Consultation
  • User Training
  • Service & Support



Our Products

By extending educational resources and increasing student reach beyond the physical barriers of the lecture hall through the implementation of a multi-site lecture capture and content distribution solution, students, professors and education administrators can benefit from the long-term cost savings.

Having provided an array of audio, visual, media, and broadcast solutions to support various medical procedures, Applied Electronics has an extensive and proven track record in the area of multimedia classroom design, integration and support for various types of educational environments, including:

  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Mobile Teaching Carts
  • Distance Learning
  • Lecture Capture
  • Audio Systems
  • Live Streaming
  • Media Storage Solutions
  • Real-Time Content Distribution to Social Networks
  • Room Scheduling Systems
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration Tools
  • Video Conferencing
  • Content Creation & Mobile Production
  • Cloud-based Software Production & Broadcast
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • Surveillance & Control Solutions for Crisis Response & Monitoring
  • Immersive Visualization & Virtual Reality Studios
  • Simulation Labs & Suites
  • Fully Automated Lecture Theatres
  • Multi-Purpose Tutorial Rooms
  • Image Guided Therapy Suites & IGT Multimedia Rooms
  • Observation Labs
  • HD Operating Rooms
  • Anatomy Labs
  • Broadcast & Visual Radio Studios
  • Sports & Live Event Spaces
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Dean's Boardroom
  • Faculty Meeting Rooms & Lounges



Our People

The Applied Electronics philosophy has been to provide the industry with technological expertise and strong product support. Today, this includes both design and field professionals. Our field and installation technicians are key people in our sales team. Their talent, knowledge and adaptability to the ever-changing face of technology reinforce our philosophy and provide you with presentation system professionals who can complete your design team.


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