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Whether you’re a large church with IT staff and a huge production budget,  or a small group worshiping in a home or rented space, your goal is the same: to share your worship, prayer and teachings with others.

Discover a simple-to-use, high quality solution for worship and church production with:

Epiphan Pearl Mini™ 

All-in-one live video production system

Alberta Grant

Apply for the
Alberta government's new Faith-based and Cultural Facility Relaunch Grant and upgrade your facility with technology to safely video stream your worship services.

Read the CBC article.

Epiphan Pearl Mini™ is the most reliable, all-in-one live video production system that’s small in size and big on pro features.

Record, stream and switch up to three full HD video inputs from HDMI™, SDI, and USB sources.

The plug and play Pearl Mini HDMI encoder is ready to use out of the box.

Connect video sources directly to the HDMI inputs and start recording those right away using the intuitive touch screen. Or dig into the control interface and create a truly custom video presentation experience for your viewers.


Easy to use, high quality church production with live switching, streaming and recording.

While countless families go to services together, there are many reasons why congregants can’t attend services at any given time: travel, illness, schedule conflicts, lack of transportation or even living in another state or country. Reaching these followers was once a challenge, but now that nearly everyone has a mobile phone, tablet or DVD/media player, serving those who can’t be with you in person is easier than ever.

With Epiphan Pearl Mini, you can use a variety of methods including direct streaming to off-site/overflow campuses, live streaming to individual viewers through a CDN, providing recorded video on demand online and by shipping media through the mail.

Key Features:

  • Record, stream and switch up to three full HD video inputs from HDMI™, SDI, and USB sources.
  • Stream to viewers everywhere
  • Leverage SRT for high-quality, lowlatency video streaming
  • 1080p HD Recording
  • Switch video sources live
  • Custom layout designer
  • Plug and play, or tweak to perfection
  • Intuitive touch screen and One Touch start
  • Switch your live program and instantly see the results using Epiphan Live.
  • Comprehensive HTTP/HTTPS and RS 232 APIs for third party integrations.
  • Remote login
  • Web-based UI for advanced control
  • Local Admin panel
  • Integrate with your Crestron System
  • Comprehensive CMS support including Kaltura and Panopto
  • Secure live streaming and control
  • Digital certificate management
  • Role-based access control and LDAP support
  • HTTPS and SFTP secure data transport



For more information about the Epiphan Pearl Mini, contact Applied Electronics with the promotional code EPM-AEL20 to receive special pricing designed specifically for houses of worship.


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