WE Global Learning Centre

Applied Electronics, helps WE convert 43,000 square feet heritage building into WE Charity’s new Global Learning Centre and headquarters

WE global Learning Centre
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WE's Global Learning Centre has two main purposes: to give students around the world the tools and support they need to create positive social change, and to support educators in delivering service-based curricula through the We Schools program.

Founding Corporate Champion

Applied Electronics are a proud 'Founding Corporate Champion' of WE's Global Learning Centre

The WE Global Learning Centre features:

  • Technology that supports our delivery of cutting-edge leadership training and professional development to rural and marginalized communities, including Indigenous and underserved youth and educators
  • Digital classrooms with built-in functionality to connect WE Schools across Canada, the United States and the UK, and around the world, allowing interactive learning experiences with shared educational content
  • Best-of-class content will be curated and incorporated into digital and print curricular resources, crowd-sourced from coast to coast
  • Expert resources for educators to support teachers around the world and faculty in residence, embedded within the in-house curriculum team, to bring expertise in connecting service-learning with educational outcomes, particularly with Canada’s diverse communities in mind (including new Canadian youth, at-risk and Indigenous youth)


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