Extron SMP 351 

H.264 Streaming Media Processor


The SMP 351 is a high performance streaming and recording processor for capturing and distributing AV sources and presentations as live streaming or recorded media. It incorporates Extron’s FlexOS™, a flexible platform for automating system operation. The SMP 351 accepts HDMI, component, composite, and optional 3GSDI signal formats, processing two sources from up to five available inputs. High quality Extron scaling and flexible two-window processing integrate two input signals together, producing any two-window display arrangement, including picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture. The SMP 351 supports extensive streaming capabilities. It can record and stream simultaneously and can stream at two different resolutions and bit rates concurrently using a range of transport protocols and session management options. Extron’s FlexOS embedded operating system makes the SMP 351 highly adaptable to new system requirements, and Extron applications can be uploaded to the SMP 351 to automate system operation using control ports. Requiring no licensing fees, the SMP 351 is a flexible, cost-effective solution for delivering presentations to a larger audience.

The SMP 351 is complemented by Extron Streaming Content Manager - SCM software. SCM is used to administrate users, groups, and recordings produced by the SMP 351. SCM also processes the recorded media into file packages that provide a data-rich playback experience using the Extron Media Player - EMP, a browser-based media player that can be operated from virtually any computer or mobile device.

Key Features

  • Process two high resolution AV signals from up to five available inputs
  • Stream and record simultaneously
  • High quality scaling with flexible two-window management
  • Produces MP4 media files that are compatible with virtually any media player
  • Flexible I/O ports for advanced AV system management
  • License-free operation contributes to a low cost of ownership

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