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Velocity is so much more than just a portfolio of standardized solutions: it is also a comprehensive portfolio of aligned services that take the concept of standardization far beyond simply a Bill of Materials, and into a rapidly deployable and proven Enterprise Collaboration Strategy. One that recognizes that Program risk goes far beyond just the technology, and thereby also seeks to address the People and Space variables of exceptional meeting experiences.

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Enterprise corporations need business velocity and a market advantage to meet their annual targets, especially on a global scale. This has led to a significant shift for organizations to improve human productivity and efficiency all while remaining in budget. The era of global collaboration is here, and the GPA is here to help!

Velocity Rooms is a set of standardized presentation, conferencing, and collaboration room solution designs, ready to be installed in any environment, without the need for major structural or electrical changes. The solutions are integrated in a single support with all the necessary components to enable video conference calls with high quality, that is enough to be fixed to the ground, mounted and in their entirety ready to operate. Velocity Rooms are pre-configured for various room sizes and allow for the use of different platforms such as Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Skype and Teams Rooms.

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As the GPA Canadian Team, Applied Electronics delivers standardized global collaboration solutions to enterprises worldwide. It takes a focused multi-national team like the GPA to deliver on global standards and achieve the ROI of a consistent user experience to any location in the World. The GPA offers international resources, AV/NOC support and global standards for AV, UC & IT delivery.

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