Hearing Loops Canada Launches National Partnership with Applied Electronics to Boost Accessibility



Applied Electronics to help remove barriers to hearing by creating inclusive, accessible spaces as HLC’s National Reseller.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – May 11, 2021Hearing Loops Canada (HLC), the largest hearing assistive technology expert in Canada, today proudly announces its national partnership with Applied Electronics Limited, a leading Canadian provider of integrated media solutions and professional audio visual, broadcast and media storage technology. With over 4.6 million people suffering from hearing loss in Canada, there is a real need for hearing assistive technology; yet it is one of the most underserved disabilities in Canada. The strategic partnership amplifies HLC and Applied Electronics’ unified goal to promote inclusivity and improve lives by creating accessible spaces for people with hearing loss.


HLC specializes in induction loop technology, which enables speech or other audio sources to be picked up by a microphone, converted to a magnetic signal by an amplifier, and transmitted to an individual’s hearing aid via a hearing loop aerial, while eliminating background noise. This hearing loop technology can be installed in any environment, and the suite of hearing assistive technology solutions include large area hearing loops, 1-to-1 hearing loops, window intercom/speech transfer systems, infrared systems, and radio frequency systems.

“This strategic partnership with Applied Electronics is very exciting for us, as their capabilities and reach will allow us to continuously enhance the solutions and services that we bring to our clients across Canada,” explains Duane Melchert, President of Hearing Loops Canada. “Creating accessible spaces for those who live with hearing loss and struggle with communication barriers is the core focus of our company and teaming up with Applied Electronics strengthens our vision to ‘Lets Loop Canada’. Their team provides a unique perspective to our portfolio of solutions and will enhance our ability to deliver integrated solutions

“Designing and building spaces that provide enhanced user experiences is a critical part of Applied Electronics’ customer success process, and accessibility is a vital component of growing importance in creating those enriched experiences,” says Michael Dalton, Vice President of the Audio Visual Systems division at Applied Electronics. “We are proud to be partnering with Hearing Loops Canada, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be delivering their suite of hearing assistive technology solutions throughout the country.”


A hearing loop (sometimes called an audio induction loop) is a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. Hearing aids can often amplify background noise, like crowds or music, which make it very difficult to hear and participate in conversations. With the help of hearing loop technology, speech can be transferred effectively through obstacles such as glass partitions and other security barriers that organizations are required to have in place for safety and social distancing.

The extensive line of Window Intercom/Speech Transfer Systems include Contacta’s full open-duplex amplifier, a microphone to suit the environment and an integrated hearing loop aerial, which ensures all individuals have the ability to hear clearly with minimal background noise.

HLC’s discreet Large Area Hearing Loops provide clear audio where a large number of people can benefit from a superior listening experience. Implementing a hearing loop solution in settings where large gatherings occur – such as in meeting rooms and auditoriums, government council chambers, higher educational facilities, houses of worship, sports and live event venues, and public spaces – not only creates an inclusive environment for individuals with hearing loss, it enriches their experiences multifold by simply enabling access to crystal clear sound and audible speech.

Applied Electronics is well versed in audio technology and has delivered thousands of audio visual projects ranging in complexity and scope for organizations in all sectors across Canada. With its well-established national footprint and six-decade reputation for quality design and integration services, Applied Electronics is an ideal growth partner for HLC. With rising numbers of people with hearing loss in the workplace, the new partnership will serve to benefit organizations requiring the implementation of barrier-free, accessible spaces.


About Hearing Loops Canada:

Hearing Loops Canada is based on the belief that everyone has the right to hear. We are passionate about helping people who are struggling with hearing loss.

Founder and president Duane Melchert first began research in 2015 into hearing loops and other hearing assistive technology. Duane was so inspired by the stories he heard and the smiles he saw on people’s faces when they tried hearing loops – some hearing clearly for the first time. He shared his passion with colleagues, asking them to join him and share their years of experience working with technology to solve business challenges. Hearing Loops Canada started in 2017.

Hearing Loops Canada is the leader in sales and servicing of hearing assistive technology in Canada. Products are made by Contacta, the world’s leader in hearing assistive technology.

For more information: www.hearingloopscanada.com

About Applied Electronics Limited:

Applied Electronics is Canada’s leading provider of integrated media solutions and professional audio visual, broadcast and media storage technology. Providing specialized services including technical consultation, sales, system design, supply, integration, programming, and after-sale support, Applied Electronics has the resources and expertise to support projects of any scale.

Founded in 1958, Applied Electronics maintains strong relationships with industry-leading technology manufacturers and has extensive experience to deliver innovative solutions to improve workflows, communication and collaboration for companies with media integration requirements. Applied Electronics is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with regional operations in Ottawa, Montréal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

As GPA Team Canada, Applied Electronics helps global enterprise organizations think global, and act global, as they strive to create workplaces that deliver an engaged workforce. With almost 4000 specialized AV/UC staff in 50+ countries, GPA delivers simple, scalable, and standardized collaboration technology solutions and services to drive business velocity and competitive market advantage for our customers.

Learn more at: www.appliedelectronics.com / thinkgpa.com

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