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Applied Electronics Enhances Hope City Church’s Live Event Production and Real-Time Streaming System

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In 1976, 20 families moved to the emerging community of Mill Woods to start a church that would be relevant to the next generation. After 42 years of being known as “Mill Woods Assembly”, in 2018 the name was changed to “Hope City Church”. Since Mill Woods is a community within Edmonton, it made sense to change the name as they began launching new campuses in new communities.

With a steady growth in the congregation there was a need for a larger facility with a state of the art live-stream production system. The Church’s goals of broadcasting the weekly sermon to those who can’t attend in person, as well as recording and making the sermons available on demand were met by Applied Electronics.

Applied Electronics supplied and installed three new Hitachi studio cameras which deliver flawless high performance especially in environments where large LED displays are being used. Videos of the weekly sermons are also captured by a Panasonic HD integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera, which incorporates recently developed high-sensitivity; low-noise 1/3” 3-MOS imagers that produce stunning pictures; even in low light conditions.

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