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Humber College’s Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto serves more than 22,000 students across 150 full time programs with an additional 56,000 students in part time studies. The college grants two and three year diplomas and four year baccalaureate degrees in fields as diverse as business, applied technology, skilled trades and culinary arts. Applied Electronics (AEL) is pleased to have worked with the School of Media Studies and Information Technology to create their new HD Production Mobile truck.

Recognizing the need in the education market to teach the unique style of remote production for sporting and other large events, Humber commissioned the design and equipping of a five camera (wired for future expansion to eight cameras), 30-foot mobile truck. Applied Electronics worked with the college to assess its needs and assemble a mobile unit that would cater to a unique learning experience.

The mobile truck incorporates a Ross 2.5 MLE QMD production switcher and a Soundcraft Vil digital audio console which was the first of this model installed in Canada. An Evertz Xenon router, VIP multiviewer and Drastic Technologies Krayken six-channel video server was installed to ensure an unwavering network and video viewing. For the intercom system Humber choose the Telex Zeus III which can also function as the heart of a complete audio mixing/routing and control systems for the mobile unit.

Installed throughout the truck are; AJA up/down/cross converters, Evertz modular and Inscriber G5 character generator. For final video editing the latest Final Cut Studio by Apple was integrated into the system for a powerful collaboration with the various equipment on the mobile unit. In order to improve patching components, AVP jackfields were installed to provide functionality and circuit identification standards to simplify system design, installation, operation and maintenance for students and instructors.

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