NorQuest College Singhmar Centre for Learning

Applied Electronics Builds Interdisciplinary Simulation Centreat NorQuest College’s Singhmar Centre for Learning

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Located in downtown Edmonton’s Singhmar Centre for Learning, the NorQuest Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre (NISC) supports the integration of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and clinical judgment with experiential and reflective learning in an interdisciplinary, safe culture.

In 2017, Applied Electronics was contracted to help NorQuest College achieve a new modern state-of-the-art simulation health care centre. The Simulation Centre at the Singhmar Centre for Learning provides student experiences that emulate reallife health care situations using multiple cameras, in-ceiling microphones and simulation mannequins – all controlled by an instructor in the adjacent simulation control room.

The NISC uses simulation to improve patient safety, quality of care, healthcare, and human services education.

In NISC, learners bridge the gap between theory and practice by ‘rehearsing’ in simulation scenarios that mimic various clinical practice environments. Learners recognize and respond to client situations, and then reflect on their actions. They then relate what they’ve learned in simulation to clinical situations that they encounter.

Learners in NISC include students of NorQuest College, students of other institutions, student of programs external to the College, post-graduate learners, as well as Faculty and staff of NorQuest College.

As NorQuest’s first new building in nearly 50 years, Singhmar Centre was a catalyst for the growth of the College and its surrounding area. It is a world class educational facility with innovative building systems. The new Centre opened in Fall 2017, and was both on schedule and under budget.

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