Kramer Corona Tags

Local Contact Monitoring

Easy. Affordable. PRIVATE.

Kramer’s HSL Corona Tags, are an intelligent system that enables highly private contact monitoring to safely and effectively help your students and faculty or workforce get back to the campus or office.  

The Corona Tag is designed with the user’s privacy in mind. There is no central database of encounters and no location tracking at all, making the user’s movements private. There is no need for a SIM card or WiFi and the Tags don't contain any other information except encounters with other Tags.




  • Easily Customizable: Multiple color choices and logo options available
  • Convenient and Compact Size 
  • Future-proof: Part of the new normal
  • Incredibly Easy to Deploy
  • Long Lasting Battery 
  • Flexible: Set distance and length of encounter parameters







Secure & Privacy Protected

  • The Bluetooth radio tag is only used to measure the distance to other tags. It does not pair, receive or transmit data to any other device.
  • Tags only records other tag numbers, exposure times, and distance. No locations, names, or other private data.
  • Data extraction when it is confirmed an employee is sick requires authentication by an administrator and the use of a special cable.
  • Information is kept only for the last two weeks.

Why HSL Corona Tags?

Smartphone Apps Are Ineffective

Competitor's Devices

Employer/Schools/ Corporations cannot enforce installation, usage, and data sharing. Short battery life (few days). Requires charging.
Clear privacy violations. Inaccurate measurements. False event detection.
Negative effect on phone battery. Does not operate in crowded spaces.
Not feasible for environments that do not allow mobile phones. Missing enterprise management solution.
Inaccurate distance measurements. Too big and too expensive.



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