Introducing latakoo:
Faster Transfers. Simplified Workflows.



latakoo provides the most advanced and powerful technologies to send content quickly and simply regardless of the video type, Internet connection and hardware variables.

With one click, send video files from virtually any location to the cloud and directly to your asset manager, collecting metadata and transcription.

How latakoo works




Why Video Professionals choose lakatoo
  • Combines the necessary steps of video production into one easy-to-send process
  • Replaces complexity with simplicity and automation
  • Replace multiple workflows for one, end-to-end solution 

Solutions for Broadcasters:

  • Send broadcast-ready video from the field back to stations
  • Simultaneously compress and upload files to the cloud
  • Intelligent notifications alert team members that the file is ready for download
  • latakoo HUB automates downloads and transcodes, preparing the files for broadcast

Solutions for Post Production:

  • Send files fast with latakoo's compression tool
  • Edit with video proxies right away
  • Sync full resolution files at the end of the post production process
  • You can even send uncompressed files directly to your asset manager with latakoo HUB

Video Transcription Solutions:

  • Three quality levels of transcription can be ordered: mechanical (70% accuracy), premium (95%), or professional (99%).
  • The transcript becomes a searchable document within latakoo
  • Transcripts can be downloaded in a number of formats



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Why Video Pros choose latakoo around the Globe:

With one click, send video files from virtually any location to the cloud and directly to your asset manager, collecting metadata and transcription.


  • Fastest File Transfer
  • Simple User Interface
  • Simultaneous Compression-Upload

The latakoo Flight app is the fastest and easiest way to upload virtually any type of content: videos, photos, and audio, regardless of bandwidth. With drag and drop functionality, the app uses our patented technology to simultaneously compress and upload video files.


  • Access Files From Anywhere
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Download and Transcode

latakoo Pilot is our secure cloud content center accessible from anywhere on any browser. From Pilot, share, collaborate, download, and transcode. Files uploaded to Pilot trigger intelligent notifications. These emails can be customized to alert individuals or groups.


  • Download and Upload Automation
  • Metadata and Transcription Ingest
  • Seamless with Major Asset Managers

latakoo HUB introduces full automation to your video workflow. Your files move quickly from the shoot location to your asset manager, automatically, even when your asset manager sits in the most secure corporate environments. File metadata and transcription are also updated, if available.


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