Applied Electronics Completes McMaster University’s Multi-Site Distance Learning Link at Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine

Linking McMaster University's Hamilton, Waterloo and Niagara Campuses

This is a multi-site, distance learning application which Applied Electronics has worked on for McMaster University over a span of four years. The project encompassed designing, supplying and installing the following systems:

Hamilton Campus

The Hamilton Campus boasts a 200-seat lecture hall with 122 push-to-talk student microphones, 3 large screen projection displays, custom request to speak system, custom lectern with preview monitors, control system to allow full operation of remote campus lecture halls (Waterloo & Niagara) and receive content and RTS requests. Also included at this site are multiple multi-purpose classrooms all with display systems, student microphones and interactive whiteboard technologies. All classrooms contain HD cameras and microphones which are fed back to a central equipment room via twisted pair or fibre. The central equipment room houses multiple shared HD videoconferencing codecs and media archiving devices. Centralized control and monitoring of all rooms is achieved in the central equipment room. This space also houses a small recording room intended for instructors to record content for streaming or archiving. Applied Electronics is currently installing a Health Forum Debate facility and a large multi-use atrium presentation space.


Waterloo Campus

The Waterloo Campus has a 120-seat lecture hall with 64 push-to-talk student microphones, 3 large projection screens, etc. This room is a mirror image of the Hamilton 200 seat lecture space and can operate as the host lecture space or receive lectures from Hamilton or Niagara. This site also houses; 2 audio/video conference meeting rooms, 4 tutorial teaching classrooms, and 4 clinical skills simulation labs. All signals from these spaces, along with the lecture hall signals, are transmitted to a central equipment room. The central equipment room houses multiple shared HD codecs and media archiving devices.


Niagara Campus

Among the nine rooms, the largest is a 50-seat lecture hall which Applied Electronics integrated 27 push-to-talk student microphones, three large projection displays, a custom request-to-speak system, three 60-inch preview monitors, HD student and instructor capture cameras and a height-adjustable lectern. The system encompasses an automation system to receive remote content and request-to-speak calls from the local campus as well as the Hamilton and Waterloo Regional Campuses.

The newly integrated Anatomy Lab and the 30-seat Computer Training room will enhance students’ learning experience with multiple projection systems, HD instructor and specimen cameras and ceiling mounted microphones.

A building-wide Crestron Digital Media Matrix and Signal Distribution System enables all audio, video and computer signals generated in the learning areas to be transported to and from the Central Equipment room for the purposes of lecture capture and video conferencing. These signals may be monitored in the Control Room via large Sharp LCD screen monitors and multi-image processors, recorded and archived via Polycom Lecture Capture Recorders or sent to one or both of the other Regional Campuses via Polycom High Definition Video Conference Codecs. The Control Room operator can monitor and control all of the audio video systems from one central location.



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