A Customizable Mobile UC Cart for Hybrid Workspaces

Applied Electronics' Mobile UC Cart Solution is a fully customizable, hardware-agnostic, tailored solution designed for hybrid workspaces to enrich meeting experiences for in-person and remote participants.



Collaborate with Any Team in Any Work Space.

As a critical communication solutions provider, Applied Electronics is providing essential services and technology products to those working in remote work environments for the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, Communications, Healthcare, Education, and Corporate sectors. To support their continued communication and teams collaboration, Applied Electronics developed a custom Mobile UC Cart Solution to serve the unique needs of remote and on-premise employees.

Applied Electronics’ Mobile UC Cart Solution for Hybrid Workspaces

A key goal in the design was not only to replicate that of an in-person meeting experience, but to offer simplicity, flexibility and an intuitive user experience for the meeting presenter. The organizer can show content on one montior, while maintaining visibility of other meeting participants on the second monitor.

The mobile solution allows the user to utilize other tools, such as an existing whiteboard in the space, or even a green screen, for a dynamic virtual meeting. As well, it offers the flexibility for users to create a native Teams, Google or Zoom environment that can be augmented with the users' own devices (BYOD) running any UC or collaboration tool to enhance the virtual meeting experience for the participants.

At the core of our fully customizable Mobile UC Cart Solution are:

  • UC engine for unified communications and collaboration;
  • PTZ camera with full pan-tilt-zoom control for video capture;
  • Audio solution to capture and provide clear, rich audio to the meeting experience.

Applied Electronics’ Mobile UC Cart Solution is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each organization, and it can be deployed at scale within a couple of weeks.


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