A Customizable Mobile Cart Solution for Hybrid Learning Environments

Applied Electronics' Mobile Cart Solution is a fully customizable, hardware-agnostic, tailored solution designed for hybrid learning spaces to enrich education experiences for in-person and remote students and educators.


Secure, reliable hybrid classrooms are absolutely essential for today’s student success. The new education landscape is enriched with blended learning environments to facilitate active learning in any environment - on and off campus - and it’s now a prerequisite for student engagement.

Real-Time Engagement and Accessibility are Fundamental to Student Success.

While working closely with many post-secondary institutions to support their continued communication, collaboration and education, Applied Electronics developed a custom Mobile Cart Solution to serve the unique needs of remote and on-premise learners and educators.


Applied Electronics’ Mobile Cart Solution for Hybrid Learning

A key goal in the design was to replicate that of a lecture experience for students, while offering simplicity, flexibility and an intuitive user experience for the educator. The instructor can show content on one montior, while maintaining visibility of students on the second monitor.

The mobile solution allows instructors to utilize other tools, such as an existing whiteboard in the space, for a seamless teaching experience. As well, it offers the flexibility for instructors to create a native Teams, Google or Zoom environment that can be augmented with the instructors’ own devices (BYOD) running any UC or collaboration tool to enhance the virtual learning experience for students.

At the core of our fully customizable Mobile Cart Solution are:

  • UC engine for unified communications and collaboration;
  • PTZ camera with full pan-tilt-zoom control for video capture;
  • Audio solution to capture and provide clear, rich audio to the classroom experience.

Applied Electronics’ Mobile Cart Solution is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each educational institution, and it can be deployed at scale within a couple of weeks.


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