MTQ Montréal – Integrated Traffic Management Centre

Applied Electronics Temporarily Relocates Ministère des Transports du Québec’s (MTQ) Integrated Traffic Management System to Construct a New Control Centre

The Ministère des Transports du Québec's (MTQ) Integrated Traffic Management Centres (ITMC) in Montreal are responsible for traffic operations province-wide, representing the 'Montréal and West' and 'Québec and East' regions, including residential traffic systems. Each ITMC is responsible for its region and the management and dissemination of traffic data for the purpose of traffic management control and travel information to motorists. Traffic information monitored by the ITMC includes incidents, congestion data, traffic data, signal timing plans, and real-time signal control information.

The Traffic Management Subsystem monitors and controls traffic and the road network. It represents centres that manage a broad range of transportation facilities including freeway systems, rural and suburban highway systems, and urban and suburban traffic control systems. The subsystem communicates with other Traffic Management Subsystems to coordinate traffic information and control strategies in neighboring jurisdictions, as well as manages traffic and transportation resources to support allied agencies in responding to, and recovering from, incidents ranging from minor traffic incidents through major disasters.

The ITMC located at 640 Viger Avenue West in Montréal, which monitors the Ville Marie Tunnel, underwent renovation in late 2014. Applied Electronic won the contract to relocate the existing Traffic Management System into a temporary space, and upgrade the new facility’s video surveillance system from a baseband system to a video-over-IP network architecture.

The renovation project entailed, but was not limited to: the construction of a temporary building to relocate the existing office spaces; the installation of a temporary Traffic Management System in the temporary space; and the dismantling of the existing Traffic Control Center. Once the temporary traffic management system was 100% operational, the refurbishing of the new Control Center commenced.

For the newly built ITMC Control Centre, Applied Electronics designed and integrated a large video wall system based on the Barco Networked Visualization System, which incorporated a Barco TransForm N networked visualization video wall controller to enable a flexible and user-friendly way of distributing and displaying any source onto any display, while managing over 600 street cameras connected to the video surveillance system. The video content was displayed on a Barco video wall composed of thirty-two 70-inch Barco OverView OLF71 HD LED video wall modules set in an array of 2x14 and 2x2. The unique aspect of this design was a complete N+1 redundancy without human intervention – a configuration that was never attempted before. ITMC’s new Control Centre was completed in March of 2015.

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