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Mississauga, Ontario – March 15, 2016 – After a successful 50-year run, the Canadian Suite Committee announced with considerable regret that the Canadian Suite at the 2016 NAB Show has been cancelled, due to a reduced level of sponsorship that is well below the point of event viability. The Canadian Suite was a unique, long-standing tradition that brought the best of Canada’s media industry together in a relaxed atmosphere during the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Created by Michael Stechly, founder of Applied Electronics, it began as a small social gathering of a dozen industry friends and clients in Michael’s hotel room over the course of three evenings during the NAB Show. The business of technology was discussed, but more amusingly, drinks, stories and laughter of remarkable NAB experiences were shared. The comradery amongst that group of individuals strengthened and it was quickly realized that this gathering of Canadians had to happen again. Michael’s hotel room was unofficially branded ‘The Canadian Suite’.  The following year, the group got bigger and the Canadian flag was hung in the Suite.

As each NAB Show approached, the popularity and anticipation of this social gathering grew in tandem. Volunteers, Gord and Edie Ballantyne, from Applied Electronics soon took on the responsibility of planning, coordinating and organizing the Canadian Suite, moving the gathering to a larger space and taking on official sponsors to help to cover the expenses of hosting the Canadian Suite.

The NAB Show was held in different cities throughout the U.S., and when it became stationed in Las Vegas, the Canadian Suite resided at the Flamingo Hotel. It offered an excellent opportunity for many Canadians and friends of the Canadian media industry to meet, mix and mingle during the industry’s largest, busiest and most exciting conference and exhibition of the year. It wasn’t long before the Canadian Suite saw support from as many as 102 Sponsors in 2008 with an average of 1,300 attendees each night.

April of 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Suite and an outdoor poolside celebration at the Flamingo Hotel’s Beach Club Pool provided a wonderful ambiance for such a momentous occasion and was a fitting and well-received change in scenery from the traditional ballroom.

Although it was a well-attended and highly successful social gathering, the Canadian Suite started to see a decline in sponsorship when the industry entered a recession in 2008. Combined with the huge, unfavourable impact of the U.S. currency exchange on the Canadian dollar, companies began to reduce expenditures, including eliminating their sponsorship of the Canadian Suite. The Canadian Suite saw a reduction in sponsorship by 28 percent from 2010 to 2015; yet attendance remained unchanged, which left the remaining sponsors covering an increasingly substantial bill.  Despite in-depth analysis, communications with existing Sponsors and implementing cost cutting measures, the 2016 Canadian Suite could not be staged without further financial strain on the existing sponsors.

“We would like to thank all of the Sponsors who supported the Canadian Suite throughout its remarkable 50-year run,” says Paul Stechly, on behalf of the Canadian Suite Committee. “We should all feel very proud of our contributions to the industry and in creating a distinguished Canadian Identity at NAB.”

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