Plan a Safe Return to the Office.

Let's re-think your workspace together.


New Wave Workspace provides an unique opportunity for Innovation Teams, Facility Managers and CxO's to transform the workspace for the new normal.

Plan to return to the office safely with New Wave Workspace solutions that delivers value across the entire organization.


New Wave Workspace is a user-friendly, touchless Software as a Service (SaaS) workspace management platform that provides an innovative solution to create a safe and efficient Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office. The platform enables smart scheduling, social distancing, contact tracing, service reporting, cleaning on demand, conferences and meetings, analytics and insights.


Flexible Workspace Platform

The Flexible Workspace Platform offers highly intelligent desk and room booking capabilities such as familiar scheduling tools, room status, workspace occupancy, meeting attendees, room release, resource issues report, and advanced analytics reporting. The platform’s One App provides a phenomenal user experience with an abundance of flexible booking features and tools, including interactive 3D/2D floor plans showing meeting rooms and hot desk availabilities by department, zones or colleagues. Advanced analytics reports deliver utilization, hot desk, training attendance, and IoT data. Connected to IoT sensors and beacons, the Flexible Workspace Platform delivers intelligent and hands-free information to key enterprise stakeholders in IT, facility management, corporate real estate, and innovation teams.



Intelligent Scheduling

Work from anywhere. New Wave Workpace is an intelligent and flexible workspace management platform that connects users to their workspaces, and it offers much more than a desk or room booking system. 

  • Desk & Workspace Scheduling - Interactive digital 3D floorplan, employee bubble
  • Meeting Space Booking - Room status, workspace occupancy, attendees, room release
  • Contact Tracing - Health and safety for employees
  • Cleaning on Demand - Workspace hygiene scheduling
  • Zero-Touch - Voice activation
  • One App - Meeting QR codes, real-time sync, room inventory
  • IoT - Temperature, noise, CO2, presence
  • Advanced Analytics Reporting - Utilization, hot desks, cost centre
  • Service Request - Resources issues reporting 

Integration DNA®

Unleash the power of your organisation with New Wave Workspace integrations. New Wave Workspace Integration DNA® enables customers on their journey towards a hybrid workplace | digital office.

Microsoft 365

Enable intelligent scheduling, social distancing and make data-driven workspace decisions with New Wave Workspace for Microsoft 365.

  • Office 365 calendar is always in synch with New Wave Workspace.
  • Transform Microsoft Teams into an intelligent scheduling wizard. Enhance Teams adoption.
  • Locate people under a hot desking, hoteling desk strategy and easily contact them with Microsoft Teams, telephone or e-mail.
  • Improve PowerBI adoption with workspace optimisation, social distancing, bill-back information.

Crestron Partnership

New Wave Workspace runs natively on best-in-class Crestron Touch Panels, and integrates into Crestron light bars, Cloud XiO and occupancy sensors. 

  • Leverage New Wave Workspace native integration with Crestron occupancy sensor to book and manage walk-in meetings
  • Users can scan a QR Code and control meeting rooms from their fingertips
  • Integrates into Crestron Cloud XiO allowing for corporate efficient deployment of pre-configured Crestron touch panels
  • Captures real-time data and transforms into decision making insights

Check out Crestron + New Wave Workspace.

New Wave Workspace for Webex

New Wave Workspace for Webex is a flexible workspace platform focused in providing intelligent scheduling solution for desks, meeting rooms and events. Customers can get back to the office safely, with social distancing, real-time data analytics and prepare for The New Normal.

  • Extend Workspace Meeting option will show on Cisco Touch 10 allowing users to easily extend their meeting time
  • Check-in and alert meeting participants of your presence without interrupting their Webex meeting
  • Leverage Cisco Webex sensor technology  to plot room availability on Workspace 3D Floor Plan and Workspace Analytics


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