Legislative Assembly of Ontario


Applied Electronics supplied, installed and commissioned a new Peavey Media Matrix sound system in the House of Assembly for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

This was the first of a new generation of Media Matrix called Nion. It is network-based architecture which, as well as providing all of the processing that is available with the previous Media Matrix models, can provide tremendous routing flexibility and redundancy.

The system was completely racked, wired and tested in Applied Electronics' Mississauga warehouse and has 200 inputs, 200 outputs and sufficient redundancy to essentially prevent the House from ever going down completely.  One of Applied Electronics' in-house programmers wrote all of the control code so the system integrated with the existing Radamec robotic camera system quite nicely during commissioning.

This is Applied Electronics' ninth Parliamentary Sound System and we have designed, supplied and installed dozens of smaller systems for council chambers, committee rooms, universities and colleges.

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