Providing turnkey next-generation small to mid-sized Mobile Production Trucks

Applied Electronics and Ross are pleased to present ‘openTruck’ – a powerful, cost-effective, next-generation Mobile Truck.


openTruck is an innovative initiative that provides a standardized approach to designing and assembling each Mobile, ensuring stringent guidelines and standards are maintained. At the same time, clients add their own preferences, designs and concepts to the vehicle to customize it for their unique applications. The end result is a powerful production vehicle that delivers a predictable and dependable production experience, all the time – every time.


Applied Electronics

As an openTruck partner, Applied Electronics provides all or any of the services to design, build and deliver your mobile vehicle. From sourcing your preferred truck chassis to working with you in designing the workflow, from wiring the truck to sourcing the equipment, from installing the equipment to testing the mobile, end-to-end, Applied Electronics has the skills and expertise to make your project a success. We’ve been building trucks for over 30 years, so you can rest assured that your mobile will be delivered on time, on budget, and ready to use.


Ross Technology

When you build your truck utilizing the Ross openTruck concept, Ross equipment is utilized wherever possible. Ross switchers, character generators and terminal gear is known for its performance, ruggedness, reliability and value, and as such, is a perfect fit for mobiles. To produce unified end-to-end workflows Ross Dashboard is utilized; a customizable application which allows users to seamlessly integrate, control and monitor all Ross and openGear products.

For equipment categories in which Ross does not manufacture a product (such as Intercom, for example), the customer can choose openTruck technology partners which suit their application and budget.


Applied Electronics Customer Care

Throughout the project, Applied Electronics offers outstanding customer care by providing:

  • A customized approach to each and every project;
  • Coucil and advice on workflow management - a participatory approach to design the best work flow for your situation;
  • An Applied Electronics project team with a wealth of experience in the design, installation, commissioning, and testing of numerous types of broadcast and hybrid systems;
  • Dedicated project management throughout the project;
  • Documented test procedures;
  • Detailed documentation for the system including designs, drawings, elevations, reports, and manuals;
  • Training on systems and procedures; and
  • An experienced service team to support your equipment purchase decisions.

Applied Electronics’ reputation has been built on providing honest, accurate and detailed proposals that are backed by a proven track record of completing projects within their original scope. And together with Ross, Applied Electronics offers unbeatable after-sales warranty and support. Rest assured that your mobile is covered by the best after-sales service in the industry.


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