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After successfully integrating audio visual and broadcasting technologies at Shaw’s Global Television studios in Toronto, Ontario, Applied Electronics was asked to demonstrate Christie MicroTile capabilities  in Vancouver, B.C., where Shaw VP of Facilities, Design and Management, Julie Shaw saw the presentation and suggested it for the launch of Shaw’s new retail stores.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Shaw Communications is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers. After many years of establishment, the company sought to reinvent its retail displays, Shaw utilized floor to ceiling visuals and advanced technology to provide a complete digital experience. Located at the heart of the store, the tailor designed 4 x 6 wide MicroTiles installed and built by Applied Electronics defy gravity to display Shaw’s services and products through each of the screens or as one collaborative image.

The overall design of Shaw`s first digital, interactive store was a collaborative effort of Applied Electronics, key Shaw stakeholders and design teams, Breakhouse and Trapeze. Applied Electronics, along with marketing house, Trapeze, was challenged with creating the perfect design that could show the multitude of services, products and promotions Shaw has to offer, while ensuring that the design was in line with audio visual technical best practices and standards. The biggest challenge was finding the best solution to support and suspend the 23 MicroTiles, which together accumulated over 900 lbs over the customer service kiosk.

To provide depth and appear more dynamic, some MicroTiles were set to physically protrude out from the others and spaces were inserted in between a few of the MicroTiles to allow for certain screen images to be given more attention and provide another dimension of movement to accompany the screen transitions. For this, Applied Electronics worked closely with RP Visual Solutions to design a customized support structure to accommodate these protrusions while providing the fine adjustments required for the MicroTiles. Due to Applied Electronics’ previous experience with working on projects of similar specifications in terms of weight and customization, Applied Electronics was able to find the right technology solutions that would be the most efficient, cost effective and provide longevity to the display, with the support of RP Visual Solutions.

The first store opened in May 2012 at the Sunridge Mall in Calgary and since then, four more stores have been established at the Chinook Centre in Calgary, Richmond Centre in B.C., Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, B.C. and Uptown Mall in Victoria, B.C.

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