A Breakthrough in Affordable Digital Preservation for Enterprise

Spectra Logic's Spectra Verde DPE is a new Shingled Media Recording (SMR)-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) disk platform that delivers high density bulk storage. Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra’s unique implementation of ZFS software RAID combined with the newest disk technology brings new life to long-term storage – Spectra Verde DPE.


Preserve your information with multiple layers of protection at an affordable price – all from a company that you want to do business with.


Spectra Verde DPE’s simple user interface makes setup and management easy. With the front panel Visual Status Beacon (VSB) LED get real time visual status of the unit for rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting.


Highly scalable Spectra Verde DPE network attached storage provides simple disk expansion in 200TB increments for up to 7.4PB in a single rack. Using 96 drives within 4U expansion units, a superior density of up to 180TB per rack unit can be achieved in a small footprint.


Spectra Verde DPE provides intelligent rebuilds and built-in global spares to ensure the system is always running smoothly and reliably to preserve your digital assets forever. Simple and straightforward SpectraGuard Support options that you’ve come to expect from Spectra are available with a Pricelock Guarantee.

Watch the video: Introducing Verde DPE





Spectra Verde DPE is Purpose-Built for:

  • Bulk Storage/Archive
  • Unstructured Data
  • Large Files
  • Random Reads
  • Bulk Deletes
  • Digital Preservation for Enterprise

Unmatched Data Integrity
Multiple layers of protection ensure your data is protected.

  • Spectra’s ZFS implementation takes advantage of SMR technology for bulk sequential writes
  • Triple parity RAID Z3 and rebuild to global spares pushes probability of data loss to 1 in over 2.7 million years
  • when properly monitored and maintained
  • Continuous data checksum verifications statistically eliminate bit-rot typical in other hardware RAID systems
  • Replication allows snapshot mirroring to a sister-system
  • Spectra BlackPearl and S3 interface provide a simple way to send a copy of your data to tape for long-term
  • storage and genetic diversity



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