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Anthony Cicione - Fight Network

Fight Network is a 24-hour 7-day a week combat channel, available internationally, available nationally in Canada. Fantasy Sports Network is a 24-hour fantasy channel dedicated to fantasy players. Its available in Canada and the U.S., at this point.

The goal here was to provide a full broadcast facility for us  ready with master control, production control room, studio facilities, editing facilities  and Applied was there for us to help us develop the concept, right from the beginning to the execution at the end, and even now, to the follow-up.

The beauty of Applied is they know that were a small as an entity and they actually, for a lack of a better word, they hold your hand. They work you through the project and they recommend certain things and certain ways to do things.

I think the biggest challenge for us has always been with them is, Oh no, heres another project from Cicione, and its a small budget and he wants to build an ESPN empire here. So, I think thats been our biggest challenge and theyve been quite accommodating actually.

They realize that were not building the biggest empire, but we still need to build something thats solid and reliable on a daily basis for us.

I think one of the comforts I had in this whole build was that I had Applied working with me and I knew they would go above and beyond to help us out. And if youre not CBC or TSN, or one of the big guys, it doesnt really matter to them. They just care about putting out a good product and supplying good service.

Anthony Cicione

General Manager, Fight Network


Terry Comeau - George Brown College

George Brown College has won every award in the book for this new campus and were all very proud of that. Were very proud of what our consultants and our contractors achieved for us and it was very much a team effort. What hits you when you walk into the college is this fantastic multimedia screen thats bigger than life. The digital signage that is distributed throughout the facility and all the common areas, the high performance multimedia classrooms, the collaborative open workspaces - every square inch is this building is set up for learning - set up for technology. The technology does not take over. It is the friendly giant in the background. To achieve that balance in such a high performance facility, I think its tremendous and we owe that to Applied Electronics, we really do. They went so far above the requirements and beyond those requirements. I wouldnt hesitate to say if it wasnt for Applied working in such a friendly way, open way, a helpful way, an anticipatory way, we would have been challenged to have delivered multimedia platforms in advanced of our students arriving that September 1st morning. I sure hope we have the opportunity on our next large capital project to continue to evolve the big ideas that we have about technology and education and moving that bar forward for our students and our professors. Hats off to you Applied Electronics, you did an amazing job and continue to. Loved working with you.

Terry Comeau

Executive Director, Waterfront Campus Development, George Brown College


Chris Tapinela - Accessible Channel

One thing thats going on moving from the tape-based workflow to the file-based workflow is you have a tremendous merging of the IT world and the broadcast engineering world. Applied (Electronics) knows this and they have expertise from both, they seem to have mastered it in terms of how those things can work together in a positive way. They have numerous experts that Ive known for a while in the industry, they were helpful from start to finish and they continue to help us solve any problems that we run into.

Applied believes in the process, they were able to form solutions that could work for our company and evolve the process as the project unfolded, they are willing to change based on new requirements that were thought of overtime from the brainstorming period. They look at the solution and then mold it into what ends up being the final solution, and thats why I'd recommend them.

Chris Tapinela

Accessible Channel


William Hanna - Humber College

One of the things that stuck to me in my role as I was looking at the bigger picture and the scope and the cost of the project, was the thoughtfulness that the staff at Applied Electronics brought to the process. The fact that they actually were taking the time to walk me through my own needs helped me learn about the industry and what my needs really were. In the end it saved me money but gave me a lot more confidence that Applied Electronics actually cared about the resulting solution for the college. You get asked a lot of times about what makes companies unique, the answer I have found over a fairly long career now, is its always about the people. Its about the culture that a company manages to build in people, and their ability to communicate to clients that they care and that they are they for you. I believe Applied (Electronics) does believe in its clients and is there for them.

William Hanna

School of Media Studies and Information Technology at Humber College


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