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theScore Inc. is a Canadian Digital Media company which specializes in website and mobile content delivery. theScore is the ultimate, personalized mobile experience which serves a new generation of sports fans. By providing an insanely addictive combination of real-time engagement and shared experiences, theScore connects sports fans to what they love, dispensing real-time sports news, scores, fantasy information and alerts while creating and curating content which is compelling, relevant and seamlessly shareable.

  • 40 Panasonic Monitors
  • Ross Video Conversion and Distribution
  • Black Magic 72XP Video Hub
  • Apantac Multiviewer
  • AJA Universal Frame Sync and Converters
  • Middle Atlantic Racks
  • Ensemble Designs Reference Generator

As a result of a divergence from Score Media, theScore Inc. needed to build a new state-of-the-art digital media facility to service their web and mobile customers. Applied Electronics Limited was engaged to design and build the new facility.

As a company that is entirely turned-on and tuned-in to new media, theScore’s new facility needed to be designed with a completely “plugged in” generation in mind.  As such, many monitors were placed at optimal viewing angles throughout the facility in order to ensure all live sports games could be viewed during their live broadcasts.  It was determined early on in the project that a simple multi-viewer setup would not be adequate for routing the many signals to over 40 monitor destinations.  As such, a professional routing system was brought in, then joined with robust broadcast infrastructure and conversion gear to ensure steadfast signal delivery.   

Due to limited time from design to move-in date, Applied Electronics worked efficiently in order to purchase the equipment, do the cabling, install the equipment and configure and test the system within a month.

Today, theScore Inc. is considered one of the most advanced digital media facilities in Canada. 

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